Membership fees

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Membership Categories & Fees


Senior = 18 years old or above / Junior = 17 years old or under

Total fees including affiliation and BC membership



Full Membership Senior – 18 plus

For members they are entitled to all benefits and able to compete in competitive events and courses.



Full Membership Junior – under 18

For members they are entitled to all benefits and able to compete in competitive events and courses




Family Membership


Three family members or more.


$185 first member and $155 for each additional member


Second Club Membership

For financial members of other AC affiliated clubs who also wish to become members of Brisbane Canoeing Inc.



Associate Membership




For individuals wishing to be recognised as a club member and / or official assisting their club to achieve its objectives. Categories are:


Volunteer – recognition to the volunteers within the club. 

One view is that clubs may pay for volunteer memberships as it is unrealistic to expect volunteers to pay for the opportunity to help our paddlers.


Trainee – this category would be incorporated into the cost for individuals undertaking AC Award or Coaching Courses. Providing insurance coverage during the requisite course participation days and also providing instructors with links to the clubs.












NON MEMBERS (Trial Canoeist)




Event Licence


Available for non-members undertaking a ‘come and try’ or a specific event.  Individuals are not recognised as a member of AC or QC and receive no benefits. These individuals are required to complete the event declaration and waiver forms.  Appropriate fee and paperwork is required to be returned to AC within a designated timeframe. Max 3 trial paddles.




Per Trial



Per Trial

For period Jan to June discounted fees apply. 30 % for Jan-Mar and 50% for April – June.

Other club fees

  • Key deposit: $50 (subject to safety checklist).
  • Private Boat storage: $60 per year (boats stored in our shed are covered by insurance).
  • Hare and Hound Handicap: Gold coin donation.
  • Saturday morning group paddles